KHOI Mission

Our mission: Building community through grassroots communication

Our vision:

We offer the best in arts, news, entertainment, and music. We feature national figures and local voices for the enrichment of our community. We welcome all voices of our community regardless of their perspectives, to freely discuss issues, fostering local pride and respect.


Our goals:

  • Offer direct media access to area residents

  • Highlight the diversity of music and art in our area

  • Be a communications clearing house for community issues

  • Be inclusive of rural and urban issues in our listening area

  • Connect our local community to independent, diverse sources of national and international news and information

  • Provide public information, weather alerts and emergency safety






Sustainability at KHOI Community Radio


Sustainability is a principle that is displayed through all of the business practices at KHOI. We strive to provide an exceptional experience to our customers while remaining responsible for our footprint on the environment and community.

Our focus is on all aspects of economic, social and environmental sustainability. We implement practices in energy and water conservation by choosing efficient lighting and saving and reducing water usage by low-flow options in our office.  Monitoring and managing our indoor and outdoor environment responsibly allows us to minimize hazardous chemical use and maintain a safe and clean business.

We strive to purchase as many local products as possible and find creative ways to reuse packaging.

Our waste is diverted by recycling cans, glass and cardboard and reusing paper and materials internally.

We provide high quality radio programs that focus on many layers of community well-being. Many of our programs highlight sustainability in the community and our focus on conservation.

Our goal is to maintain a sustainable community for generations to come. We are committed participants of the Ames Smart Business Challenge and dedicated to supporting a sustainable and prosperous future for Ames.