KHOI Staff

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(515) 292-2878

Ursula Ruedenberg
Station Manager
(510) 812-7989 

Ursula grew up in Ames, Iowa and in Switzerland.  She has served as the building project manager, board chair and station manager.  Ursula learned organization building from her mother, Veronika, who founded various cultural institutions in Ames while Ursula was growing up. Ursula spent much of her life as a professional mural painter, with a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the New York academy of Art. After living in New York City for 30 years, where she got involved with community radio management, she returned to Ames in order to help get KHOI on the air and to spend some time with her dad, Klaus. Ursula has been a community radio listener since she discovered Pacifica while living in Los Angeles in the 1970's. She is currently also employed by Pacifica Radio, managing their affiliate network of around 200 stations (including KHOI). She feels community radio is the best thing and it is her pleasure to help bring this type of media to Central Iowa. In her free time, Ursula is hard at play, building an herb garden in her father's backyard under the watchful eyes of the deer.

Eric Blocker
Operations Manager
(515) 357-2034 

Eric hails from Great Garden State of New Jersey and he will always be a Jersey Boy at heart. He comes from the world of commercial radio, starting in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as an Oldies Disc Jockey. (Ask him about his first day it’s quite a story.) At this AM/FM station, he worked as air personality, a producer, in promotions, in music Research, and as a board operator/Phone screener. He also took this radio experience to Norfolk/Virginia Beach and Philadelphia, PA. Eric holds a degree in Computer Network Technology and is obtaining a degree in Web Development. In his spare time, he likes to attend Comic Cons, photography, and to travel. 

This is his first venture into Community Radio, which is quite different from the commercial side. He is enjoying every minute of it. He likes sharing his experiences and is always willing to teach others who are willing to listen. The one thing that has remained a constant in Eric's life is his love of radio and he says: “Radio is where I belong and I’m here to stay”.