Preschool, Ames in WWII, Women's March

Northwood Preschool Center principal Brandon Schrauth joins regular ACSD guest Kathy Hanson to discusses the integration of play and instruction, welcoming foreign students, an upcoming Kindergarten enrollment date (February 1) and Chloe the Cat.

Alex Fejfer shares highlights of the fascinating new Ames Historical Society exhibit, World War II: Ames Doing its Part. The discussion ranges from blackout drills to rubberized raincoats, hemp, flax, a cannery on East Lincoln Way and aviation school. Check out the Ames Historical Society veterans database of over 5000 World War II veterans from Ames and Story County!

Two Ames men, Matthew Ellinwood and Weston Kleinert, explain why they are going to the Women’s March in Washington.

And Ames resident Ria Keinert talks up the Des Moines Women’s March and explains why she is participating in today’s General Strike.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 01/20/2017
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