Chinese New Year, Community Solar, Inclusive Ames

Hosts: Ursula Ruedenberg and Kay Puttock

Mapmaker Nitin Gadia gives us the first of his "Oil Spill of the Week" reports, as he talks about the spill of nearly 140,000 gallons of diesel fuel in North Central Iowa, discovered on Wednesday, January 25.

Young students from the Chinese language school in Ames talk about the meaning that Chinese New Year festival celebrations has for them as they live in Ames, Iowa. Then Cinian Zheng-Durbin talks about the rather different meaning of the festival in homeland China, where it means a massive migration of people traveling home across the vast continent.

Anne Kinzel and Victoria Szopinsky from the Ames Progressive Alliance (APA) on FaceBook give updates on the Community Solar project, and on the community action projects building on the energy generated by the Inclusive Ames meeting in November. Anne and Victoria also give their personal impressions of the Women's March in Des Moines.

    Music Credits:
  • "Jubilation" from album Heart of the Dragon Ensemble, by Heart of the Dragon
  • "Beautiful Flowers and the Full Moon" from album Collection of Festival Music by Shanghai Conservatory of Music

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