Tedesco Park and Immigrant Issues

Leanne Harter gave her monthly Story County report including plans for Tedesco Environmental Learning Corridor.

The implications of State Study Bill 67 to beconsidered by the House Public Safety Commitee were explored, first at the forum held in Story City on February 4, in a dialogue between Representative Dave Deyoe and Rick Exner. We reported its fate in the Public Safety Committee where 75 protesters stormed the hearing, denouncing the “You’re Not Welcome Here” bill. The protest failed to prevent the bill passing out of committee.

Then we focused on Webster City, where we heard from Janet Toering, director of All Cultures Equal Community Center (ACE) about the importance of immigrants to the economy of Iowa. Zoami Calles-Rios-Sosa, President of ACE, told us about the ways citizens of Webster City are supporting their immigrant populations through a new organization Better Together.

We wrapped up this topic with an interview with JoAnn Barten, Ames immigration lawyer, about some of the legal complexities immigrants can face.


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