International Students and Refugees at ISU and in Ames

Support for international and multicultural students at ISU is described by Liz Mendez-Shannon from the new ISU Office for Diversity and Inclusion, together with Elizabeth Martínez-Podolsky - Multicultural Liaison Officer, Undergraduate Retention Specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; and Tabatha Cruz - Program Coordinator for Retention and leader of the Multicultural Vision Program.
Photo by Jill Itzen, Iowa State Daily

Hoodies and Hijabs at ISU: fears and visions of students and residents, including one of the rally organizers, Wesley Harris, a PHD candidate in the ISU School of Education and president of the ISU Black Graduate Student Association, and Dr. Martino Harmon, Sr. Vice President of Student Affairs.               

Diane Birt of the Ames Interfaith Refugee Alliance explains how this group is preparing Ames to receive refugees. They are offering yard signs at this time, that supports refugees. If you would like to order a yard sign, go to the Ames Progressive Alliance web page and click the "News" tab, to get to the order form.


Originally broadcast 02/10/2017
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