LGBTQA+, Inclusive Ames

Host Gale Seiler, welcomed Nicci Port, the Project Director for Diversity and Inclusion in LGBTQA+ Student Affairs. Nicci was joined by Taylor Shire, co-chair of LGBTQA+ Faculty and Staff Association, and Joel Hochstein, who coordinates ISU’s Pride Summit. They spoke about their work supporting the LGBTQA+ community on ISU’s campus.

In a related story, we spoke with Marlys Barker, editor and journalist at the Nevada Journal and the Tri-County Times, who wrote recent stories about trans students in rural Iowa.

Ann Kinzel joined us for the monthly update from the Ames Progressive Alliance. She interviewed Cheryl Binzen and Gale Seiler on their work with new groups that emerged from the Inclusive Ames gathering last Fall. They are working on issues of safety and sanctuary, and racial disparities in Ames school.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/24/2017
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