Abortion, Medical Marijuana and Arabic Humor

Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell discusses a 20-week abortion​ ban that took a hard right turn in committee. A Republican amendment would have made it possible for parents of adult women to block their abortion. Also, Beth catches us up on the Republican bill that would dismantle the state's preventative reproductive health care--and eliminate it's federal funding.

Jason Karimi, director of Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana, explains that Iowa's current medical marijuana law, passed in 2014, is about to expire unless some provision is made by the end of the session. Lawmakers appear to be in discussion with officials in Minnesota to allow Iowa patients to buy marijuana there.

Finally, we hear excerpts from the visit of "Egypt's Jon Stewart", Bassem Yousseff, to Drake University. The exiled comedian is promoting his book Revolution for Dummies

Originally broadcast 04/03/2017
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