Roland, Innovative Lighting, and Previews

Our focus on a small town where good things are happening took us to Roland, where we spoke with Brian Town, Principal of Roland StoryMiddle School, and Roland Kiwanian president Andy Webb about their cooperation to build and stock a food pantry for students and their families. Then we spoke with Jerry Handsaker, founder of Innovative Lighting, an international company that started in Roland, and Pat Meyer, current president of that company. The balance of the program was devoted to previews of events and music to be heard live at KHOI during the first week's Pantorium Sessions -- Adam and Wally on April 10, Jen McClung on April 11, and Three Poets on April 12, for the spring FUN DRIVE. Mary Richards stopped by to preview the local writers who will be interviewed next week on Community Bookshelf and who will also be among those at the 5th Annual Ankeny Writers Fair on April 8.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/05/2017
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