Immigrant Rights, Video Games and Sexism

Jarrett Wendt, the Pastoral Associate at St. Cecilia Catholic Church, described the immigrant rights dinner and workshop held last weekend and Rick Exner of AMOS, elaborates on resources available to immigrants in danger of being picked up and deported by ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement). Rick Exner can be called for help, if you or someone you know is in need of assistance, at (515) 231-5581. He described efforts to establish sanctuaries, such as the Iowa Sanctuary Movement and the distinctions to be made between Federal Officials, who are not police, and local law enforcement, who, do not act against immigrants on behalf of the federal government in Ames, .

ISU Professor of Psychology Douglas Gentile recently published a new study on how video games increase sexist stereotypes of women. Gentile explains the study and its potential impact and how video games influence violent behavior, in general, in a new international study he is working on.

Two new KHOI DJs introduce their show, launched Thursday April 6: Rebel Music Radio. They streamed the show on Facebook to more than 900 listeners!

Susan Gwiasda and Eric Cowles give Ames City and road construction updates.

Originally broadcast 04/07/2017
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