Woodcarvers, Medical Marijuana, The Gender Revolution

The Mid-Iowa Woodcarvers return for their one-day show at Reiman Gardens May 6th. Guests will have the opportunity to view carving contest entries, watch carving demonstrations and participate in a hands-on lesson in whittling. Ames woodcarver, Art Mann, explains.

Jason Karimi, director of Iowa Patients for Medical Marijuana and advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana oil discusses Iowa legislation passed in April authorizing the use of medical marijuana with the goal of providing help for patients with cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder and numerous of other ailments.

Cyndie Blythe, the President of PFLAG in Ames a local advocacy group, will be presenting, in collaboration with National Geographic, a movie that challenges stereotypes about gender roles, called The Gender Revolution. She describes the film and issues facing transsexuals and gay people.

A municipal and road construction update from Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer for the City of Ames, and Mark Gansen, Civil Engineer One.

Originally broadcast 05/05/2017
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