Peregrine Falcons, Woodcarvers, Tigerswan

Pat Schlarbaum tells the story of Peregrine Falcons; how they returned to Iowa after extinction here, and brought people together in the process. He tells us where falcons nest today in Iowa. He also explains the charming story of the little birds who raise their young every spring on the speaker in the KHOI doorway, who they are and their species' pilgrimage across the country towards home in California.

Master woodcarver Art Mann will be the featured artist "on display" at Habitat for Humanity during Friday June 2 Artwalk. Art talks about wood carving and Ginny and Steve Wervolt, fellow woodcarvers, talk about what makes Art great. They all belong to Mid Iowa Woodcarvers.

Details have emerged about surveillance being carried out by Tigerswan, an international private security firm, on people in Iowa who have been speaking out against the building of Dakota Access Pipeline. Boone County has been one of the targeted areas. Brenda Brink from the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition, a coalition of more than 30 Iowa organizations objecting the the pipeline, describes direct encounters from Tigerswan by the Des Moines River and also invites you to join a flotilla on the Des Moines River in the Boone Valley, being planned for June 17th.

Originally broadcast 06/02/2017
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