Birds, Bells and Fireworks

We opened our show today with a phenology report from Pat Schlarbaum about the house finches that have made their nest on the speaker above the door at the Pantorium. Then we turned to Charles Kniker whose song "Ring the Bells" was recorded by the Adult Choir and the Bell Choir of Bethesda Lutheran Church in celebration of the 4th of July especially for this program. Then we talked with Philip Thompson and his father, the Rev. Charles Thompson, about the LCpl. Ben Carman Academy, a charity that will be the recipient of profits from the sale of fireworks in Nevada. Then we talked with Jeremiah Terhark who manages the Iowa Fireworks Company. We discussed safety rules and local regulations, as well as tips for keeping dogs calm during fireworks displays. We ended with a discussion of the Reiman Gardens Fireworks in Ames on July 3, and the various July 4 celebrations in Ames and the surrounding area.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 06/26/2017
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