Pots-and-Pans July 4 Parade,Senior Health Care

Pat Schlarbaum gives a report on how butterfly season is peaking and what to look for.

Quincy Grittmann, president of the United Native American Student Association, organized a contingent of Native American drummers, singers, and dancers for the Ames July fourth parade. Her brother, Dawson Davenport, described the meaning and spirit of the songs and dances and the delegation of Meskwaki Native Americans honoring the Ames parade.

Susan Franzen spoke with Sue Dinsdale, Director of Iowa alliance for Retired Americans, about how the senate bill to undo the Affordable Health Care Act shifts costs to states and threaten health coverage for 200,00 Iowans, particularly rural and elderly citizens.

Matt Voorhees of Ames Beloit Residential Treatment Center of Lutheran Services in Iowa, describes the residential treatment center. Young people from the program will make up a large part the KHOI pots-and-pans band.

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