Revolution Iowa, Family Leadership, Ames Chamber

Co-hosts Gale Seiler and Joy Beadleston brought sounds from two events that were held at the Convention Center in Des Moines on Saturday. Revolution Iowa, sponsored by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) was a day devoted to discussing critical issues such as climate, immigration, healthcare, water, and the nature of politics in the US. We listened to excerpts from the keynote speakers at Revolution Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders and Alicia Garza, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter. Ursula Ruedenberg provided interviews from the other event on Saturday called the Family Leadership Summit. She spoke with Drew Zahn, the Family Leadership Director of Communications and a few of the people who came to this gathering. Brenda Dryer, the Director of Workforce Solutions with the Ames Chamber of Commerce stopped by to talk about programs the Chamber has been putting on to encourage summer interns to stay and work in Ames, and the redesigned Work In Ames job board.

Originally broadcast 07/17/2014
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