Disasters, Barns, Bootlegging, MaxAmes

Pat Schlarbaum discussed Iowa's disaster preparedness with Mark Schouten, Director of Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness before Susan Franzen and Paul Wierson set out on a Road Trip to the Mehlisch Barn, one of the barns featured in this weekend's Iowa Barn Foudation's statewide barn tour. 
Inspired by the book Prohibition in Eastern Iowa, whose author Linda Betsinger McCann, spoke with us as we drove along, we asked Roxanne Mehlisch to tell us Prohibition related stories as we visited  her 1904 barn. 
We closed out the show with Evan Taylor's interview with Marty, who will be playing with Ebony Tusks during Maximum Ames Music Festival, also this weekend.

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Originally broadcast 09/20/2017
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