YesterBoone, Saving Brinton, Quervo

Mara MacKay, executive director of the Boone County Historical Society, came in to tell us about a new event, YesterBoone, which has as its purpose turning all of Boone into a living history museum for the weekend of September 29 - October 1
Two guests, Mike Zahn and John Richard, told us the story behind the documentary, "Saving Brinton," showing tonight at Benton Audiorium and the ISU Center in Ames. We learned about the pioneering movie man, Frank Brinton, who began showing movies in Iowa before 1900.  Mike tells how he inherited Brinton's entire collection ("he kept everything") and how he preserved it and used it  Eventually Mike, together with Brinton's films and papers, was discovered by three young filmmakers from the University of Iowa. One of these, John Richard, told us the story of how the film was made and the remarkable collection preserved. 
We closed out our show with Evan Taylor's preview of the next Pantorium Session (9/28) as Jose Quervo, an original musical artist, described his work. Dennis Hart provided his weekly news roundup for Ames and the surrounding area. Evan Taylor interviewed Diane Cluck, one of the Maximum Ames performers whom you can hear this weekend. In their monthly segment, Ames Progressive Alliance members Anne KinzelCarolyn Myers and Betty Baird brought us a discussion of walkability and bikeability in Ames. Joining in that conversation were Elizabeth WentzelSteve Libbey, and Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen.

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Originally broadcast 09/27/2017
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