Halloween: the Fun of Fear

A roundup of some area news from last week, from the Iowa Informer.

A medley of some Ames residents talking about why they love decorating their front yards for Halloween and Halloween music by local composer Clark Ford"Spiderwebs In My Hair."

Anna Somch, Nevada resident and regular KHOI volunteer, is a "Haunter," who has worked in Spook houses since she was 5 years old. She explains some of what goes on there and why she loves it, saying that fun but also experiencing fear is a therapeutic experience that helps balance people's emotions.

Bambi Yost, Associate Professor at ISU College of Design, explains the need for children to experience risk and fear when playing. Yost co-authored "Making Room for Risk in PlayEnvironments and Playground Standards," an article published in the journal Landscape Research Record No. 5, and recently presented the research at the 20th Triennial International Play Association Conference in Calgary, Canada.

Daniel Bagley, professional storyteller from Nevada, tells a ghost story. Bagley is a member of the Des Moines Two Rivers Story Spinners and the NorthlandsStorytelling Network.


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Originally broadcast 10/30/2017
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