Love Changes Everything

Our program started with Cynthia McClure and Joy B. taking a road trip to Salisbury House in Des Moines.  KHOI videographer Aaron O'Neill recorded the tour as Emily Milewsky showed KHOI reporters the around the palace-like mansion, with its priceless art collection.  [Click the Salisbury House link above to see the video].  Then Joy B. and Ursula Ruedenberg spoke with David Cunningham communications expert and Forum Leader for Landmark Education, who gave us practical suggestions for dealing with the tensions of the holidays and the potential conflicts of difficult family situations. Finally we spoke with Elizabeth from the National Suicide Prevention Hotline with the services provided by their help line available throughout the United States at 1-800-332-4224. The hour ended with the realization that "Love Changes Everything."


Listen Here NowOriginally broadcast 12/20/2017
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