Lawsuits, Testing, Barn Owls on the Porch

Our show today started with news interviews with ISEA (Iowa State Education ) President, Mike Beranek describing the lawsuit against Gov, Reynold for her return to school order, speakers from the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement virtual Convention "Rooted in Justice" who also have a lawsuit to protect clean water, and, finally Steve Sullivan,  director of marketing and community relations at Mary Greeley Medical Center, telling us the details of the new drive through Test Iowa Clinic for coronavirus at the ISU Industrial Park. Shifting to our very special Labor Day event the  "Last Waltz Concert" with the Barn Owl Band with musical guests-- the Barn Owl Band on Paul and Sherri Nelson's front porch at 604 Hodge from 5:00 - 8:00 PM on September 7 

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Originally broadcast 09/02/2020
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