Donate your Vehicle to KHOI



If you have a car, truck, tractor, lawnmower, boat, motor home or other large vehicle, that you would like to donate, then we have a great program for you! KHOI has an agreement with the Center for Car Donations, a reputable and reliable organization, that will benefit both you and KHOI. You are able to donate your vehicle hassle-free and receive a tax deduction while we receive funds to pay for KHOI's operating expenses.



Here is how it works:

1. You call the Center for Donations at  877-411-3662 

2. Let them know you want the proceeds of your vehicle to go to KHOI Radio.

3. The Center for Car Donations will pick up your vehicle (same day pick-up avaialble in some areas) and handle all paperwork at absolutely no cost to you. (Non-operational and non-smog certified vehicles accepted)

4. The Center for Car Donations will send you a receipt for your donation and any forms required by the IRS.