Ames' Housing Crisis

Record enrollments at Iowa State University in recent years have made rental housing especially hard to find in Ames. But Ames has a long history as a "high-rent" district, such that many who work in Ames cannot afford to live here. Vic Moss, the director of the Emergency Residence Project in Ames, explains how hard it is for working families to make ends meet, and how that impacts the stability and welfare of our community, especially its children. Herself an advocate for more affordable housing in Ames, reporter Greta Anderson also interviews Lieutenant Don Ellis at the Story County Sheriff's office about eviction rates, retired sociology professor and AMOS researcher Jan Flora about statistical data on Ames housing and employment, ISU Director of Residence Pete Englin about short-term and long-term plans to house the burgeoning student population, and Ames Chamber of Commerce vice president Ron Hallenback about what local industry is saying about the need for housing. Co-host Stephanie Schubert helps keep it light and keep it real, and we got some Woody Guthrie for y'all, too.


Originally broadcast 08/02/2013
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