The Sky Is Falling


Well, the sky might not be falling, but we certainly have had a lot of rain--a record-breaking amount. What has this meant for central Iowa's aquifers, farmland, and aquatic life? KHOI reporters Greta Anderson and Stephanie Schubert explore these systems and the geology that governs them by talking with John Dunn of the Ames Department of Water and Pollution Control, Clay Pierce, a USGS research scientist specializing in fish, and Dana Holland, district conservationist for the Story and Marshall County SWCDs. In between, we listen to selected weather-related songs, like "Glaciers" by rap artist Dan Bull and "Five Feet High and Rising" by Johnny Cash and hear a little bit about the projected water use of the proposed cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, IA.

Originally broadcast 06/10/2013
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