A Short History of Fresh Produce In Story County


How has the distribution of fresh vegetables and fruits changed over the years? Margaret Vance of the Ames Historical Society takes us back in time to the grocery stores of old. Then, Tom Svec pieces together some vivid memories from his days as a worker at Abe Mezvinsky's Ames Fruit and Grocery in the late 1960s. The first modern farmers market in Ames was started in 1968; Judy Henry of Berry Patch Farm was there, and takes us through farmers markets to the present. Bruce Smith of Iowa Fresh Produce and Mark Harris recall Dale Haubrich, a vegetable grower who did the improbable and "made it big" right here in the Story County market, in the late 70s and early 80s. Then we look at the CSA model of vegetable distribution with Elizabeth Keen of Indian Line Farm, the first CSA in the U.S., which served as a model for The Magic Beanstalk of Ames. Marilyn Moyers Andersen of Farm to Folk talks of her work, CSA customer Jessica Leeds shows off her expanding vegetabulary, and Chef Kurt Chausse of The Cafe tells us the story of his first taste of local foods and why he keeps asking for more. Don't miss Paul McCartney, playing the carrot as a musical instrument.

Host: Greta Anderson
Originally broadcast 05/20/2013
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