The Sale of Roosevelt School


Last fall Anneke Mundel and Stacey Ross, leaders of Citizens for Roosevelt Park, established a positive dialogue with Ames Community School District Board members to ensure a thoughtful process in the sale of Roosevelt School and its grounds. We hear the vision of developer Dean Jensen, who has stepped in with a plan to rehab the school in a historically sensitive way. The story is introduced with some background on the closing of the school in 2005.

Guests include:
John Lott, consultant
Erv Klaas, Ames Smart Growth Alliance Ames Smart Growth Alliance
Luke Deardorff, ACSD Board member
Gerry Peters, Director of ACSD Facilities
Anneke Mundel and Stacey Ross Citizens For Roosevelt Park
Dean Jensen, Real Estate Service Group, Inc.

Host: Greta Anderson.

Originally broadcast 04/08/2013
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