Wild foxes have become more visible recently as they continue to move into more urban areas, to escape coyotes. Interviews with people who focus on these beautiful animals: a nature photographer, a biology researcher, and a farmer who tries to protect foxes from traffic. Also,the Tribal Historian of the Meskwaki people explains why they are called The Fox, which leads to a history lesson about how relations between the Meskwaki and Europeans unfolded, and how Meskwaki government was organized.

Host Pat Schlarbaum.

Roger Hill: nature photographer
Ron Andrews: retired research biologist for Department of Natural Resources
Hans Goeppenger: farmer and environmentalist
Jonathon Buffalo: Tribal Historian for the Meskwaki Tribal Council, Historic Preservation Director, Director of the Historic Museum

Information about the Meskwaki Nation

Originally broadcast 03/11/2013
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