Radio Continues to be Relevant

Some people have wondered if radio is outdated in the age of the Internet.

The overwhelming experience of community stations, whether they were built recently or have been around for many years,  is that radio is very much relevant and by no means outdated.

Radio broadcasting is a great American media tradition for us to pass on to future generations. “The theater of the mind,” it is a tradition of self-expression, art and music. Great American musicians, actors, writers, and journalists attribute the beginnings of their careers to community radio, where they got their first break.

Wherever people build community radio, they discover why it is such an important community resource.

  • It is immediately accessible to everyone now, regardless of economic or technical resources. The most inclusive media to date, broadcasting can be heard for the price of a cheap radio. It simple and portable technology - hand-crank radios do not even require electricity!
  • Radio makes live public discourse possible for better understanding of issues, and for sharing important news and emergency safety information. Community radio acts as a virtual “town square” for building and protecting democracy.
  • Community radio is more than on-air broadcasting; it is also a community media center which offers a venue for people to congregate, enjoy cultural gatherings, and collaborate on creative projects.

Community radio is fundamentally not a technical venture, but a venture into building humanity. The KHOI FM project fosters a return to the kind of traditional person-to-person connections that are treasured in the life of our towns, villages, and farms, especially as new technologies increase isolation. Community radio binds us together.