National Grassroots Radio Conference 2014

August 16, 2014 - 12:00pm -- mattlhurley

KHOI Radio is proud to be hosting an annual, national radio conference here in downtown Ames. The Grassroots Radio Conference (GRC) will take place August 14-17, 2014, and is co-sponsored by Pacifica Radio. Visit the website at

The GRC is a professional conference comprising one cornerstone of national non-commercial community media, and is widely loved among radio operators and radio fans. Visitors to the conference will be traveling to Ames from across the USA and Canada. We are expecting 150-200 attendees: radio producers, journalists, legal experts, engineers and community radio volunteers for the conference.

We are excited to further introduce the magic of community radio. Therefore, if you live in central Iowa, we are inviting you to stop by the conference anytime and join in, free of charge.

We will hold a pot luck welcome party on August 14th at 5 PM in front of KHOI at 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames. Join us, bring a dish, or just stop by to help welcome the guests. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about who we are at KHOI. It will be lots of fun; you will meet amazing people, and discover the magic of building community through communication.

We are proud to bring people from all over North America to experience Iowa hospitality. To support our local community and businesses we will be holding the conference in the heart of Ames, the Main Street area; the conference venue will be the Octagon Center for the Arts on Douglas Avenue, and KHOI across the street from the Octagon.

    We invite members of the community to participate in one or more of the following ways:
  • Become a sponsor
  • Offer specials from your business
  • Host a conference member in your home
  • Help with transportation
  • Attend the conference (suggested donation of $20 per day for local residents)
  • Loan a bicycle for the conference

Check out the conference website at, visit our station at 410 Douglas Avenue in Ames, or give us a call at (515) 292-2878.

As a member of the community we hope you will join us in welcoming the conference goers.

Grassroots Radio Comes To Town!

August 15, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 08/15/2014
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We invite a number of our guests from around the country to share their visions for community radio. Adrienne Lauby of Pacifica station KPFA Berkeley is currently focusing on the untapped resources of the disability community. Behr of KMUD in California redwoods country describes how emergency response is a vital function of community radio when the dial is crowded with faraway corporate stations. Marika Partridge, former director of NPR's "All Things Considered", explains why she switched from public radio to community radio. Then we hear from two newcomers to the scene: Sam Brannon of San Marcos, Texas and Rev. Joan Ross of Detroit, who states "we're not waiting for the Blackhawk helicopters" in her coalition's efforts to rebuild an occupied city based on human capital. Finally, DJ Defkawn-Edge of KSBR of Mount Vernon, Washington, describes how his hiphop show reinvents the storytelling tradition of the native people he comes from.


August 13, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 08/13/2014
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Pat Schlarbaum speaks with Doug Harr. president of the Iowa Audubon Society, about public lands in central Iowa where birds and other wildlife are flocking. These lands provide us a glimpse into Iowa's natural heritage and the possibilities for our land. At the end of the hour, we speak with Michael Delaney, president of Citizens for Healthy Iowa and founder of Raccoon River Watershed Association, about an event CHI is planning to bring water quality awareness into the political debate about our future.

Clean Water Radio, Episode 4: Hogs of Iowa

August 8, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 08/084/2014
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Today's show covers Iowa hog CAFOs past, present and future. First, we interview Ann Pellegreno, a world-famous aviator who left the Story County home she and her husband had established after a 15,000-head hog confinement moved to her neighborhood. We next turn to the construction of a new hog CAFO in southern Boone County owned by Brodie Brelsford of Perry and constructed by Brent Rastetter of Ames. Neighbor Jan Danilson and Des Moines River watershed ecologist Danielle Wirth discuss its likely impact on, among other things, the swimming hole and drinking water of the Boy Scouts Summer Camp. Finally, we turn to Tarah Heinzen of the Environmental Integrity Project in Washington DC, which is joining Iowa's Sierra Club and ICCI in addressing the state's Environmental Protection Commission about an upcoming August 19 ruling pertaining to the Clean Water Act. Will CAFOs of the future be required to obtain permits? Stay tuned to Friday's Clean Water Radio to find out!

Old School, New School

August 6, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 08/04/2014
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Ten-year-old Wyatt Merceal-McBroom (Happy Birthday, Wyatt!)... steals the show as he reviews the new Edwards School, about halfway through the show. Wyatt attended the old Edwards and will attend the new Edwards school this year as a 5th-grader. Before that, Fern Kupfer reads her column about the disposition of the old Middle School, and the fiasco that followed. Bekka Brown describes the end of a VISTA project at Sawyer and Mitchell Schools; the gardens there are being turned over to community and school volunteers while VISTA, and Bekka, one of the garden coordinators, move on to other things. The hour started with Main Street Cultural District events coordinator Emily Miller previewing "Foodies and Brew", an August 15 event for adults in downtown Ames, and describing the organization's--and the city's--new life downtown. And the hour ends with Viveca Dillard describing an encouraging development for women in the NBA and a discouraging development for women in the NFL.

Shelter For All, Help For The Vulnerable

August 4, 2014 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 08/04/2014
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Our first guest is Ron Edwards, who once worked at the nation's largest animal shelter and who moved here last year to take over as the new director of Ames Animal Shelter. Aurora Bettaza, a 10 year old in the Ames Community School District, has spent her summer fundraising for ACSD's homeless liaison program, and comes on our show to talk about it. Finally, we place a phone call to Ann Naffier at Iowa Justice for Our Neighbors, who is calling for bilingual (Spanish-English) volunteers to assist in communicating by phone with Central American child refugees who have arrived in Iowa because family members live here. Naffier provides an update and perspective on the situation. Iowa JFON is a Methodist ministry that provides legal services for refugees such as these children. Music by Nellie Kay.


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