Candidates with Cal

Candidates with Cal is a pre-recorded interview show hosted by KHOI Volunteer Reporter Cal Halliburton. Cal interviews candidates for local, state, and national office. He is currently focused on candidates with opponents in the June 5th Iowa Primary Election.
Candidates for the 4th Congressional District
Democratic Party Candidates
Republican Party Candidates
Congressman Steve King declined to participate at that time


Candidates for Secretary of State
Democratic Party Candidates


Candidates for Governor of Iowa
Democratic Party Candidates
Nate Boulton - April 8th, 2018
Cathy Glasson - April 18th, 2018
John Norris - April 19th, 2018
Dr. Andy McGuire - April 24th, 2018
Fred Hubbell
Libertarian Party Candidates
Marco Battaglia - April 19th, 2018
Jake Porter - April 23rd, 2018