KHOI Staff

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Ursula Ruedenberg
Station Manager
(510) 812-7989
Ursula grew up in Ames, Iowa and has been living for the past 30 years in New York City. Ursula began painting sets for her mother, Veronika’s puppet theater and spent much of her life as a professional mural painter. She has a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the New York academy of Art. She returned to Ames in order to help get KHOI on the air and to spend some time with her dad, Klaus. Ursula has been a community radio listener since she discovered Pacifica while living in Los Angeles in the 1970's. She currently is employed by Pacifica Radio, managing their affiliate network of around 200 stations (including KHOI). She feels community radio is the best thing and it is her pleasure to help bring this type of media to Central Iowa. In her free time, Ursula is hard at play, building a straw-bale lasagna garden in her father's backyard under the watchful eyes of the deer.


Evan Taylor
Operations Manager
(515) 292-2878
Evan grew up in Lawrence Kansas. His interests include, among other things: reading, home brewing, running, and cooking. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in American Literature with his thesis on Joseph Heller's Catch 22 and the military industrial complex. He holds a Master of Fine Art in literature from ISU with his thesis on the nexus between art and personhood in a commodity-driven consumer culture, as examined in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray and Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth. He loves working in community radio because of "incredible work done by volunteers to create high-quality programming and electric collaborative atmosphere in the studio!"


Preston Burris
Assistant Administrative Manager
Preston Burris is a student at ISU studying Communication Studies and Philosophy. He is involved in several grassroots organizing groups in Central Iowa; in particular, he is a co-chair in the Ames Tenants Union. He has worked in local media since he was a high schooler in his hometown of Harlan, IA, where he worked for the local television station. He worked as IPR/WOI technical staff as a Student Operator. He was introduced to KHOI when he heard the programs: Local Talk and Economic Update.