Love of Music

Music lovers of the world, unite!

Love of Music, hosted by Stephanie Bates and produced/engineered by Haley Bates, aims to collect and share stories of songs which have fueled personal paradigm shifts, served as soundtracks to major life metamorphoses, or simply bring back intimate memories for the members of our community.

From acquiring a record collection of a size verging on obscene to losing most of the hearing in her right ear due to her religious concert-going, music has always been an intrinsic part of Stephanie's life. Between teaching children with special needs, donating her time with local organizations including United Way, Ames Soccer Club, Ames Middle School, Ames High school, and volunteering at organizations like Reliable Street, she still finds time to play her favorite LP's and play the guitar with Haley. Some of her all-time favorite genres include (but are not limited to) classic rock, bluegrass, soul, and late 80’s and 90’s alternative. Stephanie is known for always saying "This is my favorite song" after every single song is played on the radio.

Haley Bates has many diverse interests which include music, videography, photography, radio, animals, volunteering, and spending time with her family. She enjoys all types of music but is particularly fond of classic rock.  Haley began playing LP's on her record player at an early age and has accumulated a collection of very ecclectic music to date. She is currently an Ames High School student and the youngest producer/engineer at KHOI.  

Love of Music is an hour long show airing every Thursday at 10 pm. Connect with us on Facebook at or on Instagram at or call us at (515) 450-7557!