Pantorium Sessions

Funding by a grant from the City of Ames Commission On the Arts Funding for Pantorium Sessions comes in part from a grant from the City of Ames Commission On the Arts. Please donate to KHOI to continue these popular live music broadcasts.

Tom Russell & Will Pett After 75 successful live music broadcasts, Pantorium Sessions as we know them are over, taken over by new management. It is not known if these grassroots events that ran for over four years will be sustained.

Past Pantorium Sessions

Rockets of Desire Sunday February 4, 2020
Rockets of Desire

Rockets of Desire
Satchel Bruna Sunday February 2, 2020
Satchel Bruna

Satchel Bruna
Stranger Than Fiction Tuesday November 19, 2019
Stranger Than Fiction

We celebrated our fund drive efforts with popular local band Stranger than Fiction, composed of Ames High School English teachers Del Schmidt, Joe Brekke and James Webb, with non-English teachers Larry "Red" Stoltenberg (lead guitarist) and Tony Stevens (drummer). High spirits and great tunes ranging the decades from Buffalo Springfield and The Band to the Avett Brothers and Decembrists.
Michaela Thompson Wednesday November 13, 2019
Michaela Thompson

Michaela has hit the ground running in 2017 to make a name for herself in the Ames music scene. She continues on that path.

Reggie Greenlaw and Green Oaks Monday November 11, 2019
Reggie Greenlaw and Green Oaks

Reggie is a singer/songwriter/musician living in Ames, Iowa who plays guitar, hammered dulcimer, and mandolin. Curt Snook plays flute and violin. Steve Hurst plays mandolin and guitar.
Spencer Braly Thursday November 7, 2019
Spincer (Spencer Braly)

Spincer is a Texas-born, Iowa-based singer songwriter. Blending the storytelling he learned from years in barrooms, attitude from time in punk bands and a sense of humor about 2 shades darker than grey, Spincer writes songs about love and death.
Paul Nelson Tribute Wednesday November 6, 2019
Courtney Krausse

Des Moines singer/songwriter Courtney Krause makes her sophomore appearance at Pantorium Sessions.
El Rio Skunko Trio tribute to Paul Nelson Sunday November 3, 2019
Paul Nelson Tribute

We celebrated the life and contributions of KHOI Chief Engineer Paul Nelson who did so much to get our radio station on the air, and also assisted with the very earliest Pantorium Sessions. His band, El Rio Skunko Trio, reformed for the purposes of this musical tribute.
Chris Myers & the Bad Dads Thursday October 10, 2019
Chris Myers & the Bad Dads

Ames local musicians led by singer songwriter Chris Myers, known for his bluesy voice and guitar playing, in genres including acoustic, folk, Americana. The Chris Myers Band also features Nadav Mer (guitar), Chris Delaney (bassist), and Tony Stevens (drums). They are Ames locals who just got together and jammed in their homes and Nadav’s coffee Shop (Morning Bell Coffee Roasters), then discovered they had something and started gigging around town.
Lojo Russo Wednesday October 9, 2019
Lojo Russo

Russo, a self-taught singer and guitarist performs mostly as a solo touring artist, and is known for her charisma and her memorable connection with audiences. She plays a wide range of genres based in her eclectic background of playing guitar, bass and mandolin in folk, funk, jazz, jam, Irish and indie bands. She was nominated for a "Mammy" (MN Music Award) for "Best Folk Artist" and the title of "Best Female Artist" from MN Women's Press. Lojo spent her formative years as a musician in Minneapolis and currently lives in the Quad Cities, by the big river. Performing is her passion.
KHOI 7th Birthday Celebration with Rocky Raccoon Sunday August 11, 2019
Rocky Raccoon

KHOI celebrated its 7th anniversary on the air with an outdoor Beatles-themed party featuring Rocky Raccoon.

Vinyl Vagabonds Thursday July 18, 2019
Vinyl Vagabonds

The Vinyl Vagabonds are an upbeat R&B, Funk, Soul, and Roots Rock band based in Ames, Iowa. Their zeal for these genres of music is evidenced by the abundance of spirit on-stage. Vinyl Vagabond's ace-in-the-hole is singer Mook Bascomb. Mook's classic alto voice delivers both lead and harmony backing vocals with authenticity and joy. Co-lead singer Jeff Hart’s love of music and energy flows into his vocal and harmonica performance. Guitarist Kent Johnson not only drives the band with his funk-oriented rhythms and stark Blues-Rock leads, his is the crucial third voice in the three-part vocal harmonies that accentuate much of V.V.’s song list. The groovy rhythm section is composed of bassist Sean Ryan and drummer Todd Cumming, who keep it rocking steady for all the high steppers and hip shakers that can’t help but get out on the dance floor. 

Dan Tedesco Wednesday July 17, 2019
Dan Tedesco
Royce Johns Wednesday June 19, 2019
Royce Johns Band
Marc Bailey Wednesday May 22, 2019
Marc Bailey
SLICE Thursday April 25, 2019
Cameron Rayburn

Otherwise known as SLICE the Celestial Sorcerer, known to amaze crowds with his interstellar beats and astronomical lyrics. SLICE, now an Ames local, is an accomplished hip-hop artist who honed his mind-bending lyrics, heart-grooving beats, and energetic performance while living in Chicago.
Barn Owl Band Wednesday April 24, 2019
Barn Owl Band

Central Iowa's "go-to" bluegrass band, existing for 28 years, featured on Prairie Home Companion. Good, old-fashioned, toe-tapping, foot-stomping entertainment brought up to date with fresh renditions of time-honored songs, as well as new compositions.
Stay after the music for presentations by KHOI board members and a reception with refreshments with something for everybody to eat.
Cheshire Moon Tuesday April 23, 2019
Cheshire Moon

Husband-and-wife duo Lizzie Crowe and Eric Coleman make music that brings old gods and folk tales into the modern day, and faerie tale princesses into the realm of dark magic. These hidden treasures of Ames are two-time national Pegasus Award-winners in the genre of "filk", folk music associated with science fiction and fantasy. Weaving journeys of song and story, they entice their listeners to come along with generous helpings of laughter, wit and charm.
Movement515 Monday April 22, 2019
Spoken Word

Movement 515 graduates Sarah Ha and Brenda Vasquez share their spoken word poetry and reflect on the impact of Movement 515, a Des Moines-based arts program where high school students and mentors collaborate to express their passions through spoken word poetry and become agents of change.
Iowa No Mountain Boys Wednesday March 27, 2019
Iowa No Mountain Boys

This traditional bluegrass band is centered around regular gatherings at the Ames home of Mark Hargrove. Mark has played banjo in Iowa area bands for nearly twenty years and has been with Lori King and Junction 63 for the last five years in which he has traveled from North Carolina to Texas and throughout the Midwest.
Jim Danger Coppoc Thursday February 28, 2019
Jim Coppoc

Randy Burk & the Prisoners Thursday February 27, 2019
Randy Burk & the Prisoners

Rocky Raccoon Wednesday December 12, 2018
Rocky Raccoon

Andrew Hoyt Wednesday November 14, 2018
Andrew Hoyt

Lizzy Poppyseed Tuesday November 13, 2018
Lizzy Poppyseed

Erik Timmons & Dipayan Mitra Monday November 12, 2018
JinErik & the Offbrands

JinErik & the Offbrands at that performance was Gretchen Theesfield (violin), Ron Carson (bass), Dipayan Mitra (electric mandolin), Dean Erickson (keyboards), Erik Timmons (ringleader/songwriter), Mitch Durand (drums)
Caleb Corona Monday November 8, 2018
Caleb Corona

KHOI 6th Birthday Celebration Monday August 12, 2018
KHOI 6th Birthday Celebration

KHOI 6th Birthday Celebration.
Nick Muhlbauer Wednesday July 11, 2018
Nick Muhlbauer

Erik Timmons & Dipayan Mitra Wednesday June 13, 2018
Erik Timmons & Dipayan Mitra

Ryne Doughty Wednesday May 9, 2018
Ryne Doughty

Jon Marko & Jeff Livengood Wednesday April 25, 2018
Jon Marko & Jeff Livengood

Heath Alan Band Thursday February 15, 2018
Heath Alan Band

Heath Patschull was joined by Krista Haugland (keyboards), Will Locker (cajon), and Jon Locker (bass).
Chris Myers Wednesday January 17, 2018
Chris Myers

Pink Neighbor November 8, 2017
Pink Neighbor

Pink Neighbor.
Jen McClung November 7, 2017
Jen McClung

Jen McClung solo..
Satchel Bruna October 25, 2017
Satchel Bruna

Satchel Bruna thanks his mom.
Quervo September 28, 2017

Quervo behind the screen.
Vanessa Ellsbury July 20, 2017
Vanessa Ellsbury
Sean Huston June 22, 2017
Sean Huston

Sean Huston solo
Mississippi Jake May 25, 2017
Missippi Jake

Mississippi Jake turned in a fine performance.
Mountain Eats Mountain April 19, 2017
Mountain Eats Mountain

Adam Lyon looped through his one-man show.
Michaela Thompson April 18, 2017
Michaela Thompson

Michaela Thompson with Thomas Grothe (drums).
Bill & Del April 17, 2017
Bill Morrison and Del Schmidt.
Three Poets April 12, 2017
Three Poets

Three Poets: Jennifer L. Knox, Jane Satterfield, and Ned Balbo.
Tres Hombres April 11, 2017
Tres Hombres

The KHOI FUN Drive edition of Pantorium Sessions April 11th featured Tres Hombres (Larry "Red" Stoltenberg, Steve Carter, and Tom Eckart). Rock classics. Righteous RnR.
Wally Neal & Adam Kindred April 10, 2017
Wally & Adam

Evan Campbell For Real March 16, 2017
Evan Campbell For Real

For Real is Evan Campbell (lead vocals/guitar), Sean Huston (electric-accent guitar), Cal Rebhuhn (drums), and Magi Grundy (violin and harmony vocals).
Strong Like Bear - acoustic Pink Floyd January 19, 2017
Strong Like Bear - acoustic Pink Floyd
Holly Figueroa December 8, 2016
Holly Figueroa
Tom Richards Large Band November 17, 2016
The incomparable Tom Richards
assembled Large Band with four local musicians--Billy Kearney, Ron Carson, Stever Hurst and Merle Hall--in a one-time performance of old-time folk favorites.
Ben Schrag November 16, 2016
Ben Schrag

Ames' popular and prolific songwriter Ben Schrag performed new tunes along with our old favorites, accompanied by snappy patter and upbeat, rhythmic guitar lines.
Patresa Hartman November 15, 2016
Patresa Hartman of Des Moines brought us her wholly original "soul folk", including songs from her newly released album The Queen of Everything, accompanied by percussionist Renee Potts Flanagan.
Matt Woods November 14, 2016
Matt Woods rocked our house with traditional and original steel and slide blues tunes, including an encore tune by Son House, which started this central Iowan on his musical path.
Th Wrld Bnk October 19, 2016
Th Wrld Bnk is a two-piece live Hip Hop outfit.
Britches & Hose May 19, 2016
Britches & Hose and their ukeleles delivered a delightful performance of Rock hits reimagined.
Ben Schrag with Cal Rebhuhn May 12, 2016
Ben Schrag with Cal Rebhuhn shared Ben's songwriting with percussion.
Courtney Krause May 11, 2016
Courtney Krause turned in a solid performance with the aid of guitarist Dylan Boyle.
Melon Farmer (Bill & Bridget Kearney) May 10, 2016
Melon Farmer was used to replace a certain phrase in the BBC-friendly dub of the movie Repo Man. No radio edits were necessary for this performance.
Sugar Valley (Dan Jones & Friends) May 9, 2016
Sugar Valley is Dan Jones, Buz on bass, and sister Kimberly Lynn Jones.
Tom Richards May 5, 2016
Longtime Ames favorite folksinger and storyteller Tom Richards resumed his musical career with a folksy set at Pantorium Sessions..
Jen McClung May 4, 2016
Jen McClung along with bassist extraordinaire Greg Bruna delivered a heartfelt performance.
Dang Felton May 3, 2016
Dang Felton with accompanist Amanda performed soothing songs with grace and beauty.
Dennis Kain May 2, 2016
Polk City dude Dennis Kain entertained us.
Doctor Murdock April 21, 2016
Doctor Murdock
Four great guys playing their hearts out.
Liana March 17, 2016
Ames' own Shoegaze band Liana performed. Thanks to Reverb Consultant Adam Brimeyer.
Obsidian's Dream February 18, 2016
Boone-area jam band Obsidian's Dream is Eric "Bert" Carlson (bass), Chris "Shaggy" Zeitler (ringleader), Todd Robert Cumming (drums), and Mike "Fook" Larrew (guitar).
Strong Like Bear January 21, 2016
Strong Like Bear

Strong Like Bear (power trio) is Bryon Dudley, Rachel Dudley, and Greg Bruna. MC Blake Delaney.
Arizona Landmine November 5, 2015
Arizona Landmine

Arizona Landmine is Leon Owusu, Ian Francis, Griffen Clark, Daniel Jacobitz. MC Blake Delaney. Daniel performed the miracle of turning 30-years-old live on the radio.

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