KHOI Broadcast Equipment is on the Way

June 6, 2012 - 9:27pm -- ursula

Nautel vs2.5 transmitter
Receives electronic audio data and converts it into electromagnetic radio signals (radio frequencies). It's KHOI's heart.

Pumps out the radio signal to the world like a fire hose after it receives the radio signal from the transmitter (through the coax cable).

Studio-to-tower link
One box at the Pantorium takes the audio data (sound) from the broadcast studio and delivers it to the Internet. The second box at the tower site takes the audio Data from the Internet and delivers it to the transmitter.

coax cable
Carries the radio signal from the transmitter up the tower to the antenna.

Sage Emergency Alert Service receiver
Receives alerts from the Internet, by satellite, and from emergency radio transmissions and breaks into regular broadcasts to provide public safety information. FCC regulations require KHOI to monitor for public safety alerts for protecting citizens.

Xmtr transmitter shelter
Is installed at the base of the broadcast tower on a concrete base we will have poured for it. It is the transmitter's house and also holds and other equipment. It must be sturdy, climate controlled, and animal proof.