Boxing Day & Ames Children's Choirs


Marcus Johnson, owner of Ames British Foods, joins Kay Puttock, a reporter for Local Talk, to discuss the significance of Boxing Day. The holiday, which falls the first weekday after Christmas, has been celebrated in the British Commonwealth since the middle of the 19th century. It is devoted to boxing goods for those in need of them.

Information about the philosophy of and achievements of Ames Children's Choirs is provided by Gene LaVasseur, the choirs' director.

  • Debbie Bunka, a KHOI reporter from Québec, Canada
  • Kay Puttock, a KHOI reporter from London, England
  • Marcus Johnson, owner of Mucky Duck (Ames British Foods)
  • Gene LaVasseur, artistic director for Ames Children's Choirs

Originally broadcast 12/26/2012
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