Christmas Shopping & Giving


Local Talk reporters Greta Anderson and Susan Franzen explore the ways people in central Iowa buy and share gifts during the holiday season. The concept and consequences of "buying local" are explored as well as towns in our area that are making efforts to encourage this. Local and global giving are also explored through interviews with charity efforts in Central Iowa.

  • David Swenson, associate scientist in the ISU Department of Economics
  • Lynn Scarlett, executive director of the Nevada Chamber of Commerce
  • Cali Smith, owner of Stuff Enough for Us in Nevada
  • Melodye Sinnett, owner of Yours, Mine & Ours in Nevada
  • Bruce Johnson, representative of the Jewell Area Development Enterprise in Jewell
  • Bonnie Bowen, founder of the Alternative Gift Market
  • Capt. Robin Rutledge of the Salvation Army

Originally broadcast 12/10/2012
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