Ames Community Arts Council holds a design competition for bicycle racks for downtown Ames. The First Christian Church in Ames describes how it organizes its annual free public Thanksgiving dinner. Jonathan Buffalo, historian at the Meskwaki Settlement, near Tama, tells the history of Iowa from the Meskwaki perspective - who the Meskwaki people are, their relationship to this land before the arrival of early white Americans, the story of immegrant settlers, and the transition into the present. He descibes how Iowa's history is somewhat unusual, from the positive relations between Indians and settlers, Native Americans' ownership of land, Indian voting rights, and their continuity as a nation and culture.

  • Johnathan Buffalo, director of historic preservation for the Meskwaki Cultural Center & Museum
  • Belinda Merritt, director of the Ames Community Arts Council
  • Kathy Krebs, volunteer at First Christian Church

Originally broadcast 11/26/2012
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