County Reporters Ragtime


Music, Antiques, and History

County Reporters Paul Wierson and Susan Franzen travel to three communities to cover these diverse events

  • The debut of the “Academy for the Arts Festival” in the Prem Sahai Auditorium in Webster City High School with Reginald Robinson, Brian Keenan, and Jane Cox
  • The antique auction and “Antiques Roadshow” at the Boone County Historical Center 602 Story Street
  • The Civil War Cemetery Walk at Bethlehem Cemetery.
    DVDs of the event are available from Slater Area Historical Society, Heritage Hall, Box 487, Slater, Iowa 50244 or call (515) 480-9789
  • Marcie Osmundson, Randall Fine Arts Council
  • Pam Schwartz, Boone County Historical Center
  • Barb Mallon, Slater Area Historical Association

Originally broadcast 10/03/2013
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