Language and Conditions

Underwriting Announcements May Contain the Following:

  • Name of Underwriter
  • Underwriter’s address, web site, and phone number
  • Brand or trade name of the underwriter’s product or event
  • Underwriter’s slogan as long as it’s not promotional
  • Length of time underwriter has been in business
  • Value-neutral description of an event, service, or product

Underwriting Announcements May Not Contain the Following:

  • Language that is clearly promotional in nature
  • Comparative or qualitative language and hyperbolic language (e.g. “Great,” etc.)
  • Repetition of information
  • First person statements (e.g. “I urge you...”)
  • Any reference or allusion to cost (including “free”), discounts, or sales
  • Calls to action (i.e. directly telling the listener to do something)
  • Inducements to buy, sell, or lease
  • Pre-produced announcements or music beds; KHOI staff will do voicing.

All underwriting messages will be limited to 15 seconds, including the introduction (i.e. “support for KHOI comes from…”)

Length of Underwriting Contracts

After an initial contract period of no less than 3 months, all underwriting contracts will revert to be on- going, unless the underwriter and station manager agree on another arrangement.  Contract periods of less than 3 months may be negotiated under special circumstances but will not be the rule.

Annual underwriting packages are payable either as a single payment or on a quarterly basis.

KHOI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To support KHOI through underwriting or event sponsorship, please contact

Sample Underwriting Message

"Support for this program is provided by Village Books, bringing you new and used books, sheet music, and cards.  Tuesdays through Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 518 Hoover St. in Colo. Online at Village Books, connecting with one reader at a time."