Oktoberfest! and Story County Animal Shelter Deals with Exotic Animals

Mary Sand, from the League of Women Voters, discusses various races and public forums being held by the League (re-broadcast on KHOI on Politics is Local at 7:00 AM on Thursdays). Ms. Sand specifically explains the race for Story Country Supervisor, who the candidates are, and events that led to 5 candidates running for 2 seats.

Sue McCaskey of the Story County Animal Shelter, describes their work dealing with livestock and exotic pet emergencies in Story County. Story County Animal Shelter is being featured this month in KHOI's Community Service Appreciation.

Renate Dellman, German-born Ames resident, shares vivid memories of Oktoberfest in Munich from her youth.

Cindy Hicks from the Main Street Cultural District gives the history of Oktoberfest as a festival and describes the food, music, and fun on Mainstreet in Ames, when Oktoberfest comes here, October 22. Evan Taylor, volunteer beer coordinator for the festival explains what beers will be at the festival, how it will be judged, and how the Ames Brewers League is involved.

Jonathon Buffalo, historian for the Meskwaki Settlement, talks about the first Germans, the dominant ethnic group who came to Iowa as pioneers, and their peaceful co-existence.

Originally broadcast 10/17/2016
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