High School Prom Night, Ames High Bluestem Institute

Originally broadcast 04/27/2016
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Rita Lyon and Vicki Tendall, directors and operators of the dress exchange "Treasured Formal Wear," speak about their outlet in Nevada that lends out prom dresses to high school students at no cost, and other garments for special occasions. They can be contacted anytime at (515) 290-9556 or (515) 382-6509. They are located at Harmony Clothing Closet, 1122 6th Street, in Nevada.

Nadia Abdelazim and Ines El Ouachini, two foreign exchange students in the Nevada Community School District, discuss their preparations for prom and compare it to social events in their home countries of Egypt and France.

Ames High School seniors Allyssa Lehman, Ben Popkin, and Aaron Mann, students in Ames High's Bluestem Institute, discuss their final class assignment to carry out a community service project. They plan to create a podcast series on accessing free and healthy food in Ames. Visit their blog on twitter at Foodcast.

Spring, Ames Happenings, Empowered Students

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/25/2016
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Steve Lekwa, the retired Director of the Story County Conservation Board Board, called in from Nevada to tell us where to see Spring ephemeral flowers that are now in bloom. Allyson Walter from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau gave us her monthly update of the many events happening to celebrate spring in the Ames area.

Guests in the second half of the show were Sipele Pablo, the Ames School District Homeless Liaison, and Lucero Martinez, an 8th grade student at Ames Middle School. They spoke about the Connect program, a collaboration between ISU Admissions and Ames Middle and High Schools, and the involvement of Middle School students in Youth Participatory Action Research in which they investigate social problems that directly impact them at school.

Earth Day Alternatives

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/22/2016
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This Earth Day edition of Local Talk features two alternatives to make our world less toxic. The show begins with a phenology by wildlife correspondent Pat Schlarbaum of the prairie chicken scene in south central Iowa, where the unusual-sounding birds are performing their spring mating ritual.

Then, Ames High School seniors Blake Preston, Kylie Morgan and Jay Amin present their Bluestem Institute project to impact the community: a campaign among area businesses to swap out BPA- and BPS-containing receipt tape for a non-toxic alternative. They are working with Ames Progressive Alliance.

Mike Meetz, a Story County resident, lifelong hunter, and member of hunting and conservation organizations, explains why he uses lead-free ammunition. He describes some of the adjustments required, and why he feels the switch is worthwhile.

Marlene Ehresman, director of the Iowa Wildlife Center and a wildlife rehabilitator, describes what it is like to encounter wild animals that have been poisoned by lead from hunting. On the bright side, she looks forward to parading as a barred owl tomorrow, at Ames' All Species, One Earth Parade from 1:00 to 5:00 PM beginning at the library and ending at Bandshell Park. This is the second year for the event, which Ehresman spearheads.

Shoppe Nevada, Run For the Trees

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/20/2016
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Lynne Scarlett of the Nevada Chamber of Commerce opened our show with a preview of Shoppe Nevada, April 23, a new all day event featuring major businesses and non-profit organizations that give Nevada its unique character. The kickoff event will be the Freedom Run sponsored by the Story County Republican Party. Kris Corbin told us about the historic properties of the Nevada Community Historical Society that will be open with guided tours. Henry Corbin gave a virtual tour of the vintage farm equipment on display at Evergreen Lane. Barbara Howard told us some of the stories of the Queen Anne Bread and Breakfast which will be open for tours and lunch during Shoppe Nevada. Larry Sloan gave us a rundown of the events at Talent Factory including the live show of Talent Factory Regulars.

Ending our program with a quick update on future events in Boone County, we had preview of Godspell at the Boone Community Theatre with director Susan Herrick and producer La Homa (Homey) Simmonds. Finally we closed out the hour with a reminder of Run For the Trees , a 5k run/1 mile walk at the Iowa Arboretum sponsored by the Boone County Historical Society

Bookmobile, Resolve Iowa, DG's, Doctor Murdock

Originally broadcast 04/18/2016
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Ames Public Library staff Linda Olson and Daniel Ramey share tidbits and trivia on their regular Wednesday afternoon bookmobile excursion to the North Fareway stop. We hear from sisters Alexis, Allison, and Autumn, three enthusiastic young bookmobile patrons.

Ames attorney and professional mediator, Amy Moore, describes the success of an AMOS program in Des Moines schools using volunteer mediators to help students talk out conflicts and behavior issues. Moore hopes to spread this model to other Iowa school systems through her new nonprofit, Resolve Iowa.

Adam Brimeyer, production manager at DG's Taphouse, tells how he was contacted this past Saturday by a member of the Blue Man Group, performing at CY Stephens Auditorium this Tuesday and Wednesday, about hosting a set by a musical offshoot project, Kinky Rhino. KHOI will broadcast this DG's Taphouse show live late Tuesday night.

Third Thursday Café producer Ron Carson introduces Doctor Murdock drummer Jose Mendez, who talks about their adventures in audio recording and the members' side projects this past year. Doctor Murdock will rock the house this (third) Thursday, April 21, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. Join us at the station or tune in to hear the live action.

Roger Berger, Boarding Houses, & Earth Month

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 04/15/2016
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Today's show started with a feature about KHOI's music host Roger Berger, who will be awarded Ames Community Arts Council 's Lifetime Achievement Award at the celebration next Sunday in the Octagon. Then we heard a historic perspective on boarding houses in Ames with Alex Fejfar from the Ames Historical Society. Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability for Iowa State University and also Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Ames and her guests Megan Koppenhafer and Jordan Muell, representatives of the Green Umbrella organization on campus told us about the many events planned for Earth Month at ISU and the City of Ames.

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