Creating Opportunities

January 23, 2015 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 01/23/2015
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Co-hosts Gale Seiler and Ursula Ruedenberg brought us voices from a forum held in Ames about the need for legislation that would allow driver's licenses for anyone, regardless of immigration status. Maria Gonzalez, Maria Alcivar, and Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald spoke at the forum.

Dr. Katherine Richardson Bruna, from ISU, told about ISU 4U Promise—a joint initiative between ISU and Des Moines Public Schools that will provide students attending two elementary schools in underserved communities in Des Moines the chance to earn tuition awards to attend ISU.

National Day of Service, MLK Day, Healthiest Ames

January 19, 2015 - 7:00am -- ron

Originally broadcast 01/19/2015
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    Guest host Lauris Olson and co-host Gale Seiler talk to:
  • Ashley Maurer of the Volunteer Center of Story County about Day of Service projects happening around Story County
  • ISU students describing how MLK Day was observers in their respective K-12 schools
  • Viveca Dillard and Damarius Fleming about the significance of MLK Day to black students, schools and families
  • Local residents about the movie, Selma, and how it portrays Dr. King in the days leading up to the historic march in Alabama
  • Each other about the history of the holiday and its strong association with service
  • Cheryl Langston, co-chairperson of the Healthiest Ames Initiative, about the $75,000 matching grant the group received two weeks ago

ACVB, ASSET Management, 4-H

January 16, 2015 - 7:00am -- ron

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 01/16/2015
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A recap of 2014 and a preview of 2015 from the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau: Julie Kieffer, with Group Sales and Services, Allyson Walters with Member and Visitor Services, and Bob Bosselman, President of the board talk about what projects and events are being planned for 2015 and programs funded this year by the Bureau.

Loris Olson gives an overview report on the Asset Management hearings held recently to determine funding for human services in our community. Recordings from many social service groups help us understand what they do and feel about their services. Youth and Shelter Services Executive George Belitzsos gives a farewell speech to the coalition, as he prepares for his pending retirement.

Mary Wilkinson, 4-H youth coordinator for Story County, and 4-H Intern Sarah Tweeten describe 4-H as an organization and some of its programs. Belinda Merritt gives a calendar of live music and entertainment for the coming week.

Local Newspapers

January 14, 2015 - 7:00am -- ron

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 01/14/2015
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Hosts Paul Wierson and Thomas Beell explored the subject of the survival and success of local newspapers connected through Stephens Media. Michael Crumb, editor of the Ames Tribune, and Claudia Lovin, publisher of the Boone News Republican, discussed how they gathered news and worked with other papers in the network. Todd Thorson, editor of the Story City Herald; Marlys Barker, editor of the Nevada Journal; and Whitney Sager, editor of the Boone News Republican, described the specific issues they faced in their individual papers and how they benefited from working together. The program ended with Susan Vernon telling us about "Play With Words: Where Secrets Lie", a theatrical production which involves grade school and high school students from around our area in writing and dramatizing their writing on the stage of Fischer Theatre Feb. 16 - 18. This is the result of a collaboration of Ames Children’s Theater, Ames Public Library and the Iowa State Center.

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