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1619, Iowa History Month

Originally broadcast 03/03/2021 

Two Iowa State University professors, Brian Behnken and Amy Rutenberg, gave us historical background for the controversy over House File 222, which is specifically designed to deny funding for Iowa schools using any part of the 1619 Project (published by the New York Times,won a Pulitzer Prize, and is distributed by the Pulitzer Center). Continuing our emphasis on history, we introduced activities for Iowa History Month, which leads into the 175th anniversary of Iowa Statehood in 1846. KHOI hosts Paul Wierson and Gina McAndrews discussed their personal historical perspectives.

LOCAL TALK Tuesday 02 March 2021 Meetz

Originally broadcast 03/02/2021 

Dr. Molly Lee, Associate Director of the Center for Food Security & Public Health at the Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine Reviewed updates with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic including numbers of infected individuals and current distribution efforts.Vaccination numbers and vaccine status: announcement that Johnson and Johnson’s product will soon be available.  Reviewed how this vaccine differs from the Pfizer and Maderna products (the mRNA /adenovirus vector vaccine delivers a gene that carries the blueprint for the viral spike protein ket component in infection sequence).

Dr. Karen Harmon, Clinical Associate Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Diagnostic Laboratory shared information about the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing. Describes her position with the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (VDL). Summarized importance of PCR testing in animal health described the laboratory’s ability to test large numbers of samples.  Explained the basic principles of the PCR test and explained its sensitivity and specificity.  Reviewed the VDL -University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory partnership and the test adaptation, training, validation and certification of the COVID-19 testing for human use.

Susan Qwiasda, City of Ames Public Relations Officer and Keith Abraham, Director of Ames Parks and Recreation reviewed the planning and construction progress of a number of projects including the Indoor Aquatic Center, the downtown plaza, some additional amenities for parks located in various areas within the city, and the clubhouse for the Homewood golf course.

CAPITOL WEEK 1 March 2021

Originally broadcast 03/01/2021 

In-depth information about local politics and Iowa government hosted by Laura Belin and Dennis Hart. Laura and Dennis take an in-depth look at the week’s legislative actions, government agencies, the governor, and other events that affect the Iowa government. This show  takes you behind the scenes, as lawmakers and elected officials act on matters that affect you and your family.

Planning the Spring Garden, The Business of Art

Originally broadcast 03/01/2021 

Dennis Hart gives a summary of Iowa in the news.

Lonna Nachtigal, local organic farmer at Onion Creek Farm and co-host of KHOI's DonnaLonna Kitchen show, gives some tips on how to start planning for that Spring garden. Order your seeds now! Lonna recommends some good catalogues for that.

Jennifer Brockpahler, Director of  Ames Community Arts Council, describes the 2021 Business of Arts COnference, that her organization and the Octagon co-produce. This third annual conference supporting all artists in building a viable business out of their work, will be held virtually on March 6 from 8 AM to 4;30 PM. To register go here. Keynote speaker will be Jenie Gao, gallery owner and multi-disciplinary artist from Madison WI.


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