Revolution Iowa, Family Leadership, Ames Chamber

Originally broadcast 07/17/2014
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Co-hosts Gale Seiler and Joy Beadleston brought sounds from two events that were held at the Convention Center in Des Moines on Saturday. Revolution Iowa, sponsored by the Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) was a day devoted to discussing critical issues such as climate, immigration, healthcare, water, and the nature of politics in the US. We listened to excerpts from the keynote speakers at Revolution Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders and Alicia Garza, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter. Ursula Ruedenberg provided interviews from the other event on Saturday called the Family Leadership Summit. She spoke with Drew Zahn, the Family Leadership Director of Communications and a few of the people who came to this gathering. Brenda Dryer, the Director of Workforce Solutions with the Ames Chamber of Commerce stopped by to talk about programs the Chamber has been putting on to encourage summer interns to stay and work in Ames, and the redesigned Work In Ames job board.

Protests, Sunsmart, Rummage Rampage

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/14/2017
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Some sounds from KHOI's 5th anniversary ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Jan Williams of Ames Chamber of Commerce.

Kevin Hall, Communications Director for Iowa Secretary of State Pate articulates their office's response to the request for information on Iowa voters, as requested by President Trump's newly appointed Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Iowa has not yet produced any voter information based on procedure.

Adam Mason from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI) discusses the recent Iowa Senate File 111 introduced and co-sponsored by nine Republican legislators to make blocking traffic in protest a felony. The bill was not implemented, but similar to bills introduced around the country.

ISU and Ames Director of Sustainability and Ames Public Relations Officer Susan Gwiasda talk about the Sunsmart Ames project inviting residents to invest in community-based solar panel farm. Workshops are planned for 7:00 PM on Tuesday, July 18, and 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Wednesday, July 26. All workshops will be held in the second floor meeting rooms of the Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave.

Also, Rummage Rampage, community-wide rummage sale will occur July 28 - Aug. the Intermodal Transportation Faciltiy.

River Cleanup, Story County, Ames

Originally broadcast 07/12/2017
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Leanne Harter, Story County Outreach and Special Projects Manager gives a monthly Story County update.

Lynette Seigley, coordinator, explains Project AWARE, A Watershed Awareness River Expedition, citizen participatory river clean-up trip organized by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. KHOI reporter Gale Seiler is there, cleaning up garbage on the river, and she calls in from the campsite breakfast line to tell us how its going and introduce some of the people who are there.

Susan Gwiasda, Ames Public Relations Officer, gives a civic report and Ames civic civil engineer gives a road construction update.

Grey Fox, President Allen, Revolution Iowa

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/10/2017
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KHOI environmental reporter Pat Schlarbaum introduces the grey fox, living within the "urban forest" of Ames.

Evan Berger, of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund, describes the upcoming convention - "Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power" to be held in Des Moines on July 15th.

Gale Seiler interviews ISU Interim President Benjamin Allen, who took office May 8.

Dock Dogs, Bees, Indigenous Iowa

Originally broadcast 07/07/2017
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Gateway Dockdogs, an aquatic sporting event for dogs, comes to Ames for the first time on Independence Day. Hear the sounds of joyful dogs and their owners, as well as interviews with organizers.

Amy Toth, Associate Professor of Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology (EEOB) at ISU, talks about her research on bees and the causes of decline in bee populations.

Christine Nobis, founder of Indigenous Iowa, together with Lakosha, talk about the organization and about the demonstration they organized in Des Moines against the Bakken pipeline.

The Future of Farming and Church Basement Ladies

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/05/2017
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We brought together three visionary farmers to discuss the issues that will face farmers in the decades to come. Fred Kirschenmann, former director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture talked about the two cultures of agriculture – the model based on dominance of the landscape compared with that of treating land and water as sacred, and working with nature to provide a self-regulating system. Aaron Lehman, president of the Iowa Farmers Union, announced the opening of their membership drive; for each new membership an anonymous donor will provide matching funds for the farm experiments conducted by the Leopold Center. Then Aaron explained the history and philosophy of this organization that fosters cooperative action among farmers. Aaron has been working joint experiment with David Weisberger, a graduate student in the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Iowa State University.

Turning to entertainment, we spoke with Wil Groves, director of the musical comedy Church Basement Ladies, which is being produced by the Webster City Community Theatre. It is opening this weekend.

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