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The Black Snake and the Green Pipe

Originally broadcast 12/02/2016
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As the last bit of 30-inch Dakota Access pipe is pulled through the bore hole under the Des Moines River, we hear from two Lakota elders who have been contesting the company's presence on treaty land in North Dakota: Emmanuel Red Bear, a 7th-generation descendant of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, and Winona Gasteau, the head cook for Oceti Sakowin camp on the Missouri River, where thousands of water protectors have gathered in prayer to support the Lakota in their struggle against a black snake that their prophecy said would come to threaten their very existence.

Jessica Fears, a young mother from Ames describes the nonviolent direct action she participated in on Thanksgiving Day in the city of Mandan. Local whites shoved and shouted at water protectors; local police towed legally parked cars identified as anti-pipeline. Then, Bruce Espe, a Vietnam War veteran from Des Moines, explains his reasons for joining the contingent of some 2000 veterans traveling to the Oceti Sakowin camp in support of the Lakota this weekend.

Susan Gwiasda of Ames introduces Donald Kom of Ames Electric Department, who describes the city's comprehensive efforts to reduce demand for power. The peak demand has remained stable, not exceeding its 2012 levels despite the growing population and industry base. Susan reminds us that Ames Humanitarian Award nominations are due December 16, and announces the Nada Silent Night concert December 17.

The Pantorium Sessions - Archives

Nov 14 Matt Woods rocked our house with traditional and original steel and slide blues, including the tune by Delta bluesman Son House (1902-1988) that launched this central Iowan on his musical path.

Nov 15 Patresa Hartman of Des Moines brought us her wholly original "soul folk", including songs from her newly released album The Queen of Everything, accompanied by percussionist Renee Potts Flanagan.

Nov 16 Ames' talented and prolific songwriter Ben Schrag performed new songs along with our old favorites of his, accompanied by percussionist Cal Rebhuhn.  

Nov 17 The incomparable Tom Richards assembled four local musicians--Billy Kearney, Ron Carson, Steve Hurst and Merle Hall--in a one-time performance of old-time folk favorites.


Born On Third Base

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 11/25/2016
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People who are Born on Third Base Don't Need to Hit a Triple--but They CAN Work for their Communities. An interview with Chuck Collins, author of Born on Third Base, and many other books on economic justice. Chuck is a researcher and social justice campaigner as well as a prolific writer.

He's also a member of the wealthiest one percent of people in this country, the great-grandson of the meat-packer Oscar Meyer. But Chuck believes in the estate tax, and in progressive taxation generally, with wealthy people paying their fair share of taxes. He calls on the one percent to bring their wealth home to invest in their own communities, and in a more fulfilled and meaningful life for themselves and others. In the process Chuck explodes various myths about wealth creation and the privatization of security for ourselves and our families.

And Chuck Collins knows many other wealthy people who believe as he does, and he's convinced that many more can be converted to his way of thinking if they are approached the right way. He has founded or co-founded organizations such as Patriotic Millionaires, United for a Fair Economy, and Divest-Invest.

Kay Puttock interviews Chuck Collins about his latest book and his ideas on economic justice, including solutions to our growing inequality.

Inclusive Ames, Children's Choirs

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 11/28/2016
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An Invitation to all Ames Citizens from Matthew Goodman and Jess Calhoun of the Ames Progressive Alliance to attend a meeting Inclusive Ames: A Time to Act at the Ames Public Library on Tuesday, November 29 at 6:00-8:00 PM. John Klaus of the Ames Human Relations Commission talks more about the Inclusive Ames event, and also about the work and background of the Human Relations Commission. With holiday concerts in mind, you can learn more about the Ames Children's Choirs' three age-based groups from Shon Stephenson, Executive Director, Christina Svec, Director and Conductor of the Concert Choir, and Mindy Phomvisay, Director and Conductor of the Preparatory and Chorale Choirs. Allsyon Walter of the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau talks about the many exciting events coming up during this holiday season. And finally, KHOI reporter Greta Anderson, who spent the Thanksgiving break at Sacred Stone Camp, the Camp of the Standing Rock Water Protectors, talks briefly about her time there, and promises an upcoming Local Talk program about her visit.

Local Poets

Originally broadcast 11/25/2016
Listen here now

Today’s program was an example of the way KHOI showcases the creativity in our community. We started out the show with Dennis Maulsby telling Kay Puttock about his forthcoming book of short atories, Near Death/Near Life. Then Jennifer Knox and Tyler Harms introduced us to the crowdsourced poetry project Iowa Bird of Mouth. Next we heard from several poets whose poems will appear in the 2016 Lyrical Iowa, published by the Iowa Poetry Association. They are Jean Hagert Dow, Deb Lewis, Maggie Westvold, and Ann Hudilaninen, along with Edwards elementary students Chantal Eulenstein, Madelaine Wade and Alysa Grawe. Mary Richards was the lively host for these conversations with her fellow poets.

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