Iowa's Muslims and Voter ID

Today we talked with some of our Muslim neighbors about the poster exhibit, History of Muslims in America, taking place at the Ames Public Library (PEO Room) this Sunday, February 25, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. One of the features of this exhibit will be the story of the PBS Documentary Prince Among Slaves.

From the Darul Arqum Islamic Center in Ames our guests were Imam Mahjoob Jaily, who described the varied activities taking place during the Poster Exhibit, and Sal Syed, who gave us a glimpse of the extent of the history of Muslims in America.

Then we took a Road Trip to Cedar Rapids to visit Imam Taha Tawil at the "Mother Mosque" -- which, in 1934, was the first Mosque built in the United States. Before leaving we also met with Miriam Amer, executive director of CAIR-Iowa telling us of the work of that organization.

We ended the program with Story County Auditor, Lucy Martin, and Carolyn Klaus, from the League of Women Voters, discussing the contentious Voter ID law being proposed by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 02/22/2017
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