Immigration, ALEC, Alternative Breaks

Host: Kay Puttock

This is the season when deer shed their antlers, and today's phenology report from Pat Schlarbaum is about the processes of deer growing and shedding their antlers.

A local perspective on immigration issues from Story County Sheriff Paul Fitzgerald who is one of 63 police chiefs and sheriffs who signed a letter to the federal government giving the view of local law enforcement personnel on immigration issues.

Professor Alexander Hertel-Fernandez of Columbia University gives some insight into the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the source of much of the ready-made bills introduced by many state legislatures, including Iowa's.

Merry Rankin, Director of Sustainability at ISU, together with ISU graduate student Amanda Oller, discuss the Alternative Breaks program at Iowa State, which places teams of students in various different communities in order for them to engage in service learning during university breaks.

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