Alternative Education, LondonFest

Ames High School students, Carlie Comstock, Tyenna Hargrow, Jessica Roche, Christian Saldana and their teacher Kendra Kruse describe the work experience they had organizing support materials for the state conference of the Iowa Association of Alternative Education. The theme is Dare to Disrupt; The Pathway to Equity and Excellence in Alternative Education.

Jill Pruetz, ISU professor of Biological Anthropology and Primatology, explains the national March for Science happening on Saturday April 22 (Earth Day) in Des Moines with the Des Moines March for Science, a national action being taken at hundreds of venues around the country. The March for Science will be at the State Capital in Des Moines from noon - 4:00 PM.

Bill Malone, owner of Cafe Diem, and Jess Clyde, owner of The London Underground English Pub, bring news of LondonFest, a street celebration of English culture to be held in Ames on Saturday April 22 on Main Street, including food, beer, performers, games, complete with a Ferris Wheel.

Alex Fejar from the Ames History Center talks about historic school buildings and what makes London Underground's building unique.

Originally broadcast 04/21/2017
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