Open World / Rumsfeld Foundation Delegates

In Ames, Iowa, from April 22 – April 26, The Friendship Force of Central Iowa (FFCI) hosted an Open World / Rumsfeld Foundation delegation.

The six leaders participating in the Open World Program came included: 2 from Afghanistan, 2 from Mongolia, 1 from Georgia and 1 from Armenia. All are in high level positions in their countries, ranging from General Director for International Cooperation - Ministry of Interior, CEO of media corporation, Coordinator of Programs at Council for Cooperation with NATO NGO, and The Secretary of Working Group on Reforming of the Party Bylaws. They were in Ames examining accountable governance.

Managed by the independent Open World Leadership Center, Open World introduces rising leaders of emerging democracies to legislative functions essential to democracy. It is a ten-day program which brings emerging leaders from Eurasia to the United States to engage with professional counterparts. The program was established in 1999 to foster cultural and political ties with Russia but has since expanded outreach to other countries of the post-Soviet region.[1] Since its inception the program has brought over 24,000 delegates to 2,300 communities throughout all 50 states. Open World maintains a network of leaders who have gained significant, firsthand exposure to America’s democratic, accountable government and free-market system. Funded almost entirely by the U.S. Congress, Open World links Members to their counterparts and is an instrument for Americans engaged in citizen diplomacy.

The delegates visited the KHOI studio on Monday, April 24 with members of The Friendship Force of Central Iowa. Here, they each share some of the politics, hertiage, and vision of their country.

Originally broadcast 04/28/2017
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