Memorial Day Ceremonies, BJ Kearns

Our 2017 Memorial Day program was very personal, starting with Marsha Miller telling about the ceremony in the Maxwell Cemetery where her son is buried, then turning to Gale Seiler's reflections on how different ages and cultures view death. Hildah Makorih, a Kenyan graduate student, described the burial customs from her tradition. Turning to the ISU Cemetery, Kay Puttock spoke with Charles Strawhalter, a campus landscape architect and the ISU Cemetery co-ordinator, about the history of the cemetery. Jeriyn Logue, Program Manager for the ISU Retirees Association, describing this year's service. Charles Knicker, who wrote the words to the hymn sung each year during the ceremony, told us the story of how he and Lynn Ziegler fitted the words to the perfect music.

The final portion of the program was a tribute to BJ Kearns, who died on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Since KHOI went on the air in 2012, "Evening with Elizabeth" has been a favorite program. Maintaining her official identity as "Elizabeth", BJ Kearns secretly created and hosted this show featuring "my vinyl record collection from the 40s and 50s". Ursula Ruedenberg interviewed BJ's sister, Mary Ann Gardner, about BJ's biography and approach to life. Her Technical Assistant, Cynthia McClure, described the working style of her production.

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