Scandinavian Days, Addams Family, Arlen Twedt

We started our preview of the 2017 Scandinavian Days event with Abby Huff, director of the Story City Greater Chamber Connection chatting with Paul Wierson about the four days event. To give an authentic feel of a unique part of the festival we played Cynthia McClure's report of the Kumla Eating Contest from a previous year with organizers Becky Watson and John Gookin to explain what was happening. Changing to this years show by the Judge Story Theatrical Troupe, we were visited by three member of the cast of The Adams Family, Lance Harding, Lars Skaar, and Sam Barnes getting us ready for the production opening June 1. The program closed with an interview from Arlen Twedt, talking about his new book Central Iowa Norwegians Vol.1.

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Originally broadcast 05/31/2017
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