Outdoor Pianos, Community Solar Initiative

Host: Kay Puttock

Paticia Izbecki, who spearheaded the project, talks about the installation of the brightly-painted outdoor pianos that will be available all Summer for the public to perform on at Tom Evans Plaza downtown, and in Welch Avenue.

Kelly Diekmann, Director of Planning and Housing for the City of Ames talks about how the city calculates and responds he need for new construction in town. We get another more personal perspective on the housing market from local landlord Mary Buchman who has been in the business of renting property to students for the past forty-five years. Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer for the City of Ames, together with Donald Kom, Director of Electric Services update us on the progress towards Sun Smart Ames, the community solar farm initiative.

Originally broadcast 06/05/2017
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