Birds, Butterflies, and Crawford Hall

Leanne Harter got our program started with her Story County Report - hot weather warnings from the animal shelter for pets and livestock as well as miscellaneous regulations and awards. Jennifer Knox and Young Birder president, Tyler Harms, were on hand to tell us about the Iowa Bird of Mouth and read some poems about American Robin (the May Bird of Mouth) and Eastern Bluebird (the June Bird of Mouth). Our discussion led us to the recent bird-ebrity, a western tanager sought by out-of-state birders armed with cameras and scopes after they received the report of the bird on Scott Avenue in Ames. In keeping with the theme of habitat for beautiful winged creatures Nathan Brockman from the Butterfly Wing at Reiman Gardens told us how to develop habitat to attract butterflies as well as the butterfly survey to be conducted during the Butterfly Field Day at McFarland Park next Saturday. Although anyone is invited to join in, the butterfly survey is a serious citizen scientist activity to monitor the number and location of butterflies, many of which are on the endangered species list.
Photo by Paul Brooke

Our last two guests spoke about the future of the family shelter(s) in Boone. Mike Easton told the story of how Cornerstone Church received Crawford Hall as a gift from Boone Biblical Memorial Church in 2016 as part of its church property. Kathy Pinkerton, current director of Crawford Hall, told how the social justice community of Boone renovated Crawford Hall in 2011 to serve as a shelter for women and families headed by women.

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