Bakken Flotilla, Primary Health Care, Koshu City

On Saturday, June 17 the second annual flotilla protest was organized by the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition, on the Des Moines River, crossing the spot where the Dakota Access Pipeline now pumps crude oil under the river just north of the County Highway E18 bridge. Activists give their reasons for participating in the flotilla. Three days prior, a federal court in Washington DC gave hope to the protesters by ruling that the environmental impact study at Standing Rock in North Dakota, upon which the Iowa permit was approved, was incomplete.

At a press conference held at the flotilla, Carolyn Raffensperger, Chair of the Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club and Executive Director of the national Science and Environmental Health Network, explained legal action to stop the pipeline Iowa, in Iowa and elsewhere.

Linda Hansen, clinic director of Primary Health Care in Ames, describes this nonprofit community health clinic, aiming to make health care available to all residents of Story County. Kaitlin Haimley certified nurse mid-wife at the clinic, describes their new comprehensive program for prenatal care.

Lauren Frandsen, from the Ames Chamber of Commerce went recently to Ames' sister city, Koshu City, in Japan as part of an Ames Delegation.

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