The Future of Farming and Church Basement Ladies

We brought together three visionary farmers to discuss the issues that will face farmers in the decades to come. Fred Kirschenmann, former director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture talked about the two cultures of agriculture – the model based on dominance of the landscape compared with that of treating land and water as sacred, and working with nature to provide a self-regulating system. Aaron Lehman, president of the Iowa Farmers Union, announced the opening of their membership drive; for each new membership an anonymous donor will provide matching funds for the farm experiments conducted by the Leopold Center. Then Aaron explained the history and philosophy of this organization that fosters cooperative action among farmers. Aaron has been working joint experiment with David Weisberger, a graduate student in the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Iowa State University.

Turning to entertainment, we spoke with Wil Groves, director of the musical comedy Church Basement Ladies, which is being produced by the Webster City Community Theatre. It is opening this weekend.

Listen Here Now Originally broadcast 07/05/2017
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